July 14, 2015

Bitcoin whitepaper: mini, portable version (free download)

In November 2008, an individual operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a document called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system. This academic paper, first released on the Cryptography Mailing List, explains the theoretical and conceptual economic and technological foundations of Bitcoin. It is the most appropriate resource to first learn about Bitcoin. You can think of it as Bitcoin’s founding “constitution” – it states what are the rules of the Network and how the system will operate.

The name of our company, Satoshi Counter, is a tribute to the inventor of Bitcoin. We don’t only sell and buy bitcoins at our physical store in Montreal or online: we have taken over the Bitcoin Embassy’s non-profit mission of promoting Bitcoin and educating the public. That is why we have created the Mini Bitcoin Whitepaper. It’s simply the Bitcoin whitepaper in a format that can easily printed in a small booklet format.

Download pdf file (ready-to-print)

Feel free to download it and print it to give out to relatives and friends, or better: leave them all around your city in doctor’s waiting rooms, schools, libraries, cafés and more!

Whitepaper 1Whitepaper 2Whitepaper 3Whitepaper 4