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We are certified Bitcoin professionals involved in Bitcoin since 2011. Our philosophy is to help you take back control over your money. Our mission is to let you buy and sell bitcoins in the fastest, cheapest, safest and most convenient way possible.  Join the movement, liberate yourself!

Satoshi Counter has been permanently closed. This page is for archive only.

Best rates

Bitcoins should be affordable and you should not have to pay outrageous fees to convert your money. We believe in fair and transparent pricing.  You can always check out our rates at

Large transactions

There are no limits to how many bitcoins you can can purchase or sell. Whether you want to buy $10 or $1 000 000 worth of bitcoins, we can find the right solution to accommodate your needs. Bank transfers, non-cash payment methods and legal escrow services available.

Instant and private

We let you sell and buy bitcoins instantly: within just a few seconds, you can walk out with cash in your hands and bitcoins in your wallet. We value your privacy and will never put any of your information online. 

How do I buy bitcoins?

You can buy and sell bitcoins directly for cash at numerous locations in Montreal, including Échange de Montréal at

You can buy bitcoins online in Canada by visiting

Step 1: get a Bitcoin wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is a software, application or website which allows you to receive and spend bitcoins. They are free to download. Think of them like the equivalent of an email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook).

Learn more about Bitcoin wallets
Step 2: open an account

Come in person at the Satoshi Counter trading desk to register and open an account. The process only takes a couple of seconds and you only need to do this once. All we need is your name and phone number.

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Step 3: payment

We will be able to immediately sell you the bitcoins for cash in person at the Satoshi Counter office. The bitcoins will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet within just a few seconds.

How does a Bitcoin transaction work?

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