Trying to post an ad on Backpage with Bitcoin? We can help!

Some of you may have noticed that there is now a new “Bitcoin” option to pay for Backpage ads. For certain sections, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted: credit cards have been officially censored. We can help you to buy bitcoins and pay for your backpage ads!

Bitcoin is a free, fast, secure and private payment system. It is also a form of digital money. Like when you exchange Canadian dollars with U.S. dollars, you need to exchange dollars for bitcoins because it is not only a payment method but also an independent digital currency.

How to use Bitcoin for Backpage

Step 1: Get a Bitcoin app on your phone. They are called "Bitcoin wallets":

Bitcoin wallets are free to use and do not require any personal information. They take just a few seconds to download and install. The Bitcoin wallet is the only thing you need to use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallets

For iPhones, download Bread Wallet. Click here for instructions!

– For Android, download Mycelium Wallet . Click here for instructions!

– If ever you don’t have a smart phone you can always use an “online” Bitcoin wallet (website) like but we highly recommend that you use a mobile wallet.

If you insist on using Bitcoin as a software on a PC (not recommended for beginners), you can dowload Electrum. Click here for instructions.

*There are many different Bitcoin wallets, Here for the others

What about Paxful?

Paxful is not a proper Bitcoin wallet but an online service which allows you to purchase bitcoins from other sellers. Paxful always retains control over your bitcoins, not you. 

Step 2: Buy bitcoins

Bitcoin is a form of internet money. You can purchase bitcoins directly from Satoshi Counter. We are Canada’s most trusted Bitcoin professionals!

If you want to buy bitcoins from us:

– Send a text message at 1 855  955-2211
– Send an email at [email protected]

Information to include :

– The amount you want to purchase
– Your name
– The Bitcoin Address of your wallet application

If you are not sure how to get a Bitcoin address, go back to step one and look at the wallet guide of the Bitcoin app you downloaded.

Do not give us a Paxful Bitcoin address! However, If you are already using Paxful, you can find our paxful ads here. 

We will send you further instructions.

*Important: do not give us the Bitcoin address from the Backpage payment page. Give us the Bitcoin address from your own wallet!

Step 3: pay your ad (or buy credits)

1) Create invoice

After you have created your ad, proceed to the “payment”s page as usual. Click on the Bitcoin option. You should see this:

Bitcoin wallets

You should see something like this:

Bitcoin wallets

2) If you are posting ads from your phone

Simply click “Launch” your wallet application. Your wallet app on your phone will automatically open. All you need to do is verify the amount and address and click “confirm”.

It is possible that another Bitcoin wallet app other than Bread or Mycelium opens if you have another app also installed. If there are no funds in the other app, simply uninstall the other app and start again.

3) If you are posting ads on your computer

– Click “Generate QR code”

– Scan the QR code from your mobile wallet app
– Copy the Bitcoin address and import it in your Bitcoin web app

– Enter the amount Backpage wants you to send

– Send the funds


For Bread Wallet (iphone):

  1. To send a payment swipe left until you reach the “send money” tab
  2. Click “Scan QR Code”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send
  4. Click pay and enter your PIN to complete the transaction
  5. Your transaction has now been sent, you can see recent transaction by clicking the horizontal stacked lines

Note: in Bread Wallet, the currency displayed is “bits” and not “Bitcoins”. Each Bitcoin contains 1 000 000 bits. For example, to send 0.5 bitcoins to backpage, you need to send 500 000 bits.

For Mycelium Wallet (android phone):

  1. To send a payment go to the Balance tab and click “send”
  2. Now either: – Scan the recipient’s QR code using “Scan QR Code” (This is the simplest and fastest option !)
  3. Once you have their address, enter the amount you wish to send by clicking on the keyboard icon under “Enter Amount” – You can choose which currency to enter the amount in (BTC, USD, CAD etc) by clicking on the displayed currency in the top right hand corner
  4. Once you are satisfied with the amount, click “Ok” to return to the payment screen
  5. Verify that all the information is correct and then click “Send”
  6. Enter your PIN code to confirm the transaction and you are done! You can check your transactions under the Transactions tab